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Free shipping to Canada and United States on all orders above CA$100.
Free shipping to Canada and United States on all orders above CA$100.

The Heart and the Hands

The Heart

My name is Noémie Vaillancourt, and I specialize in clothing and accessory design. Founded in 2008, Noémiah is based on a very personal approach, in an intimate spirit, at the intersection of fashion, art, and poetry. My collections are notably inspired by the life in my forest studio.

Quality, Slowness, Environment

From design to production, the demand for quality that guides my work goes hand in hand with the rejection of speed and the concern to minimize my ecological footprint. For a garment to be sustainable, it is essential above all that it is loved, and this implies that it has been carefully designed. I modestly invite you to reconsider our relationship with fashion.

The close relationships woven with the clientele and the time invested in custom tailoring are part of this philosophy. I primarily use natural, sustainable, and biodegradable fibers such as silk, wool, cotton, lyocell, and linen. All printed fabrics are manufactured in a GOTS* certified facility and are azo dye-free. Gift packaging is designed and printed here.

In 2023, on the occasion of the launch of the Cher amour collection, I wanted to offer a solution to the problem of the one-time use of a wedding dress — the fact that a garment is worn only once being environmentally nonsensical. I therefore developed a natural dye kit that allows the famous white dress to have a second life. In addition to giving immeasurable value to the dyed piece, this gesture encourages us to reflect on our consumption habits, connects us to our territory, opens us up to ancestral knowledge, and invites us to have a different relationship with time.

The Hands

From sketching silhouettes to finishing, including the choice of materials, sewing, and fitting, I work relying on craftsmanship that precedes me. A collection like Cher amour is the result of hundreds of hours of research, training, trials, and errors. The techniques required for high-end creation demand patience and precision. Whether it's a French seam, a hand-stitched edge, or a scalloped hem, I pay great attention to details.

Since Noémiah pieces are almost exclusively available online, I sew each garment to order myself. The absence of inventory promotes moderation in all aspects of a fashion business like mine. I cherish the freedom of my daily practice, at the heart of my "treehouse couture," as I like to call my studio, and the time dedicated to developing unique, limited-edition pieces. My love for the crafts is enriched every day by new discoveries and stimulating encounters.

Over the years, the line has been sold in prestigious and international reknown stockists, such Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters and has been seen in Vogue, Frankie, Fashion Magazine, The National Post, The Toronto Star, The Kit, Brides Magazine, Elle Québec, La Presse, La Fabrique culturelle and at the Mercedez Benz Fashion Brisbane Festival.

*The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria. The aim of this standard is to define internationally recognized requirements that ensure organic status of textiles, from the harvesting of the raw materials through the environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labelling, in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer.

Photos : Nancy Guignard